Our Story

Our company was founded as an individual company, in 1996, operating in metalworking and sheet metal working’ field. Thanks to the management policy of the directors, to an office with proven experience in the sector and qualified welders, it quickly reaches high standards.

In 2006, when the members decided to bet on the potential of their land, the company assumed the name Primerano Srl, deciding to invest in the project “Energy”, the separator kernelfrom pomace-olive, the first international market launch with special features that allow the processing of dry pomace (without adding water). Hence the enterprising road in the oil sector.

The Primerano Srl ranges in the design and construction of machinery for the food industry, confectionery industries, supplies complements for oil mills and technological systems tailored to their customers.

In the recent December 2014 following division of the partners, the Company, located in the same location, continues to invest in its territory.

"Behind every successful business there is someone who has made a bold decision". And for this reason, that with love and dedication for their work Enza Primerano (today the only general manager) and Pino Grillo, always a sales manager of Primerano Srl, together with all the staff who worked in Primerano Srl have decided to believe in company, improving and optimizing production, with the same passion and excellence that have always distinguished Primerano.

"Tradition and innovation is our winning Binomio": the knowledge of the materials by the operators, combined with many years of experience in the field, is combined in synergy with the use of technologically advanced machines that make precise machining possible. controlled procedures, in short times. The company employs modern robotic and traditional welding systems. The high professionalism is guaranteed by a constant commitment of economic resources and operators specializing in engineering and administrative engineering that constitute a group strongly motivated to achieve the company's success.

Being on the market as a leading company, it has always been able to keep up with the times. Our company always focuses on the satisfaction of its customers, as well as that of suppliers and collaborators.


"Dynamism, Quality and Service: these are the principles on which we build our business".

Thanks to the continuous commitment of the professionals who have always worked in Primerano Srl, the customer is offered a range of services ranging from preliminary study to accurate after-sales assistance.

At the center of our corporate action, you will be guided in scenarios that will see you winning and sure to always have excellent professionalism at your side.

We want to make a difference for you too.

Separator kernel from pomace-olive

Click on the image to check the technical data. 

Energy is a machine for extraction of pomace-olive's kernel which can work in line with oil mill equipment for oil production. Energy can be put to the decanter three or two phases. 


Energy is considered in the industry a true innovation, does not require addition of water in the oil-cake during the working phase and the extraction of peranut yield reaches minimun 20%.



Energy can be completed with the loading and unloading auger product end more optionals tailored to our customers.


Increased product yield

Excellent quality of peanut 

Low energy consuption 


The sophisticated design is designed for efficiency,reliability and safety. Made entirely in our company, by following specifi constructionb principies, the machine has been designed with particular attention to the study of easy technical inventiomn without requiring the presence of specially qualifield staff. The resistance of the machine of the pits is ensured by a high quality of used materials.


1) Use the kernelas fuel in pellet stoves or burners for ovens and pizzerias, with respect for nature and environment.

2) After working in our machine, husk without kernel, can produces classic oil pomace.

£) Use the pomace worked as:

a) Animal feed: together at the University of Perugia we found in the husks worked with Energy, the ammount of fiber, cellulose and lignin is less while it increased the amount of protein (15/18%)

b) the agricultural manure: you could also proceed to a composting with pruning residues and manure, realizing a final product of suitable agronomic characteristics.

c)Souce of Energy and/or heat,being considered a material with excellet characteristics for comustion boiler(calorific value 4500kcal/kg)