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The Primerano Srl began its history in 1996 in a Calabrian inland town called Gerocarne. Initially, the activity began as a sole proprietorship under the name of Grillo Giuseppe, is dedicated exclusively to mechanical construction in a small workshop. Thanks to the management policy, in an office of proven industry experience and skilled welders, the company achieves high standards in a short time. In 2006 the company changed its name Primerano Srl and invests on Energy project, the car to the pits pomace (or stoner), the first mass on the international market with special features that allow the processing of residue dry (no water added) . From here the enterprising street in the oil sector. The Primerano Srl goes into the design and construction of machines for the food industry, confectionery industry, provides accessories for oil mills and technological systems tailored to their customers. "Behind every successful company there is someone who has made a courageous decision" ... And 'why, that as a result of a division between shareholders, with love and dedication to their work, Pino Grillo, always sales manager the Primerano Srl and Enza Primerano, today only one general manager, together with all the staff who work in Primerano have decided to believe in company catching it and improving the production with the same passion and excellence that have always distinguished the company. "Tradition and innovation a winning binomial": knowledge of materials by operators, together with many years of experience in the field, is combined synergistically with the use of technologically advanced machines that enable precise machining, with controlled procedures in less time. The company employs modern and traditional robotic welding systems. The high professionalism is guaranteed by a commitment of economic resources and skilled workers in the engineering sector, engineering and administrative that they are a highly motivated team to achieve the success. The workplace of about 1400 square meters, which also has a spare parts warehouse, is flanked by a large outdoor area that ensures easy handling of the materials. Thanks to the continuous use of professionals who have always worked in Primerano Srl, we are offered a variety of services ranging from the preliminary study up to a detailed post-sales support.